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1908 Waltham Pocket Watch, Gold-Plated, 7 Jewel, Working

1908 Waltham Pocket Watch, Gold Plated, 7 Jewel, Size 0, Working, Black and Red Numerals, White Face, Engraved, Model 1907, Serial 17339651, Excellent condition. It was given as a gift in 1912, there’s an engraving that says “Maud from Mama” 3/24/1012. 35mm case, 9 mm thick. The Waltham Watch Company, also known as the American Waltham Watch Co. and the American Watch Co., produced about 40 million watches, clocks, speedometers, compasses, time fuses, and other precision instruments between 1850 and 1957. This is a beautiful watch and it’s working. This watch has not been serviced with a complete clean and overhaul and it’s sold as is. We only offer a one year warranty on watches that are new or have had a complete clean and overhaul. (In case you don’t know: a watch overhaul is when our watchmaker disassembles the mechanics of the watch, inspecting all internal parts, and replaces any worn or defective parts with genuine replacement parts.) Rock N Gold Creation has a Rolex certified watchmaker with over 30 years of experience who can service watches for an additional charge per request. Custom gemstone and diamond bezels are available as well. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Manufacturer: Waltham Manufacturer Location: Waltham, Massachusetts Movement Serial Number: 17339651 Grade: No. 160 Model: 1907 Estimated Production Year: 1908 Run Quantity: 5,000 Total Production: 121,300 Size: 0s Jewels: 7j


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