The History of Diamond Engagement Rings

Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Ring
Rock N Gold Custom Creations by Master Design Artisan Simon Mattar, Founder of Rock N Gold Creations. Platinum Double Halo Design featuring Round Brilliant Center Stone accented by Round Brilliant Diamond side stones. RGC “Signature Blue Diamond” Collection.

Diamonds signify steadfast, enduring love because of their unmatched strength and beauty. It’s no wonder diamond engagement rings are the most popular accompaniment to popping the question.

Although the tradition of giving a ring to the woman who has promised to become your bride goes back centuries, diamond engagement rings are a relatively recent innovation. Diamond engagement rings first became popular in the 1930s. By 1965, 80 percent of all new brides in the United States sported one.

The History of the Diamond Engagement Ring

A man presents his prospective bride with an engagement ring upon acceptance of his marriage proposal.  In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring on record for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. This sparked a trend for diamond rings among European aristocracy and nobility.

The sentimental Victorians popularized ornate engagement ring designs that mixed diamonds with other gemstones, precious metals and enamels.  Diamond rings crafted during the Edwardian era continued the tradition of pairing diamonds with other jewels, commonly mounted in filigree settings.

Over the years, the most popular cut for diamond engagement rings has always been the round brilliant, consisting of 58 facets that divide the stone into a top and bottom half. Runners up include the princess cut, the emerald cut and the oval cut, with the cushion cut quickly gaining popularity as a recent trend.

source: American Gem Society

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