Stir Up The Romance With These Charming Valentine Date Ideas

With winds gusting and the cooler temperature, it’s tempting to loaf around indoors. However, I urge you not to let frigid temps and dreary weather deter you from creating romantic experiences with your partner. While we’ve all experienced the cold weather blues, all it takes is a little inspiration to spark your chemistry again.

Before you reduce your date nights to take-out and Netflix, try these ideas. Taken straight out of my own relationship playbook, these “cold weather” friendly date ideas will help you heat up your love life during the winter months.

Go on a Cozy Winter Getaway

Thought the only fun get-a-ways were beach get-a-ways? Think again. Winter get-a-ways can be just as whimsical and adventurous. Schedule a private weekend trip for just the two of you and go! Need some ideas? If you’re looking for action, try skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, or snowboarding. If you’re looking for a more cozier feel, rent a log cabin.

Sports Game Date

Your dates don’t always have to be just the two of you. Rally a group of friends together and attend a local sports game. Spend the evening indulging in nachos, cheering on your favorite local team, and getting an adrenaline rush. Because most games are seasonal, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to follow your favorite team throughout the season.

Schedule a Baking Class

Winter is the ideal season for indulging in comfort foods. Why not add a little sweetness to the menu by baking something together? The act of cooking adds volumes to the relationship. Not only are you strengthening your communication, but you’re also learning to listen more closely. Just think about it. While cooking, you’ll talk about all sorts of events – past, present and future. Once you’re finished, you’ll enjoy indulging in something that you created together. Also, you can take what you’ve learned home and create it over and over again. How awesome is that?

Start This Week

These are just a few of my favorite ways to spend winter dates with my husband, but there’s much more you can do. Don’t use the chilled weather as an excuse to do nothing. Make the most of those cold days together by trying out these activities.

This week, I challenge you to try one of these date ideas with your partner. You can share the ideas with him and see which one he’s game for. Or, you can plan it and surprise him.

Let’s hear from you now. What kind of dates do you go on during the winter months? Chime away in the comment box below!

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