Jewelry Appraisals by Simon Mattar
GIA Graduate 25+ Years of Experience

Simon Mattar, Founder of Rock N Gold Creations is a GIA Graduate with over 25 years experience in fine jewelry appraisals. Simon’s expertise is vast ranging from vintage estate collections to high value investment diamonds.

One of the most rewarding experiences of appraising fine jewelry comes from the stories gems and jewelry reveal. There were incredible pieces from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Simon M., Rock N Gold Appraiser enjoys the discovery, the history, the stories behind the jewelry and the people; it is fascinating to see the progression of jewelry design over the years.

Some commonly needed appraisals include:

  1. Insurance Coverage:The most familiar type of appraisal, the insurance appraisal estimates the cost to replace your jewelry either with equivalent new jewelry or with equally desirable substitute jewelry of the same type, quality, age and condition.
  2. Resale Appraisals: Many people are taking advantage of high metal and gem prices by selling jewelry that is broken or damaged, or that they no longer use.
  3. Estate Planning: If you are setting up a trust and want to include jewelry, then you may need an appraisal.
  4. Charitable Contribution: If you are donating jewelry to a charitable organization.

Common Appraisals include the following (but not limited too):

Jewelry boxes coming in all sizes, travel, purse-size, drawer and full size for the larger jewelry collections. However, it is always recommended to have precious jewelry insured and tucked away in drawer or hidden places to prevent loss. Rock N Gold has a full line of jewelry organization systems available for order.
  • Clearly states the purpose of the appraisal
  • Specifies and defines the type of value provided (replacement cost, fair market value, marketable cash value, etc.)
  • Specifies the effective date of the appraisal
  • Describes the jewelry in the detail
  • Includes images of the jewelry
  • Is signed by the appraiser with contact information provided

Jewelry appraisals are important if you have any fine jewelry of significant value. If you are curious to know the value of your jewelry piece(s) and would like a complimentary verbal appraisal, feel free to call 858-571-4560. For the most accurate appraisal(s) it is imperative that you go to a jeweler with years of experience. For more information about appraisals, go to our website:

Need a jewelry appraisal for insurance or any other purpose? Call today at 858-571-4560 for an appointment.

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