Commercial Jewelry vs. Designer Jewelry

What is the difference between commercial jewelry vs. designer jewelry? Most department stores are filled with cases of commercial jewelry. Shopping Mall jewelry stores typically carry commercial jewelry as well. However, when you visit a gallery or a free-standing jewelry store, you will most likely find designer jewelry.
What is Designer Jewelry? Designer jewelry usually refers to jewelry that adheres to a certain aesthetic determined by an individual craftsman or design company. The emphasis is on a particular aesthetic, often employs precious or unusual materials, and sometimes contains handcrafted elements. Designer jewelry is frequently made by hand by artisan jewelers.

Sometimes, a jewelry designer or jewelry design company will employ a team of master model makers to create prototypes of a design that can be mass produced. In some instances, a celebrity will launch a collection of designer jewelry. Usually, this means that the celebrity is involved in determining the aesthetic and in the selection of materials. The celebrity may produce sketches of the jewelry, but does not actually make the jewelry themselves. This type of designer jewelry is frequently mass produced using the exact same methods as commercial jewelry!

Types of Designer Jewelry: There are many types of designer jewelry. Here, we will explore some of the most well-known categories: High jewelry: The most expensive of all designer jewelry. High jewelry is the translation from the French haute joaillerie and basically means high end jewelry. High jewelry is distinguished by exquisite design, rare and expensive materials, and expert craftsmanship. Photo Pieces of high jewelry are often one of a kind, as the rarity of the gemstones used prohibits any kind of mass production. Many of Rock N Gold Creations custom designed piece by Master Design Artisan, Simon Mattar fall in the category of high end jewelry. Designer jewelry refers to collections artistically conceived and executed by a person or company employing those who possess artistic ability and jewelry making skills. An important part of the perceived value of designer jewelry is the aesthetic. The jewelry may or may not be handcrafted. Custom jewelry: Jewelry that is made to order. Design specifications are often dictated by the customer and usually involve some handcrafting. Master Design Artisan Simon Mattar, founder of Rock N Gold Creations has carved his niche in custom jewelry and is sought after for his gifted design talent.
Rock N Gold Creations has a full showroom with one of a kind Designer Jewelry by Master Design Artisan, Simon Mattar. Is Designer Jewelry Better Than Commercial Jewelry? The decision to purchase designer jewelry over commercial jewelry is a personal one. You may feel that materials being equal, you could find yourself unwilling to pay a premium price for a name brand. Conversely, if a particular designer’s aesthetic pleases you greatly, you may come to appreciate the additional attention to detail you are more likely to see in a designer piece of jewelry as opposed to a generic one. However, in the end, most made to order custom jewelry & designer jewelry is higher quality in design & manufacturing over commercial jewelry. To view more Designer Jewelry by Master Design Artisan, Simon Mattar of Rock N Gold Creations, go to: For questions, we would love to hear from you, please call: 858-571-4560

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