There are many reasons to have Jewelry Appraisals by a trained jewelry professional, such as insurance, damage, estate planning, liquidation, pre-nuptial, litigation, donation, collateral and more.

Here is some good advice from Jewelers Mutual Insurance (JMI):

The Importance of Jewelry Appraisals for Insurance

Any time you insure something, you need proof of the item’s value and characteristics in order to replace it, whether with a same kind and quality equivalent or cash.

In the case of jewelry, if you have an inaccurate appraisal, you may not recover enough funds from an insurance claim to actually replace your piece at fair market prices.

If you have an incomplete appraisal, what you know to be your cherished jewelry may not be how the insurer interprets the brief description of your piece.

Either way, you can wind up without an equal replacement for the jewelry you’ve been paying premiums to insure year after year. Kind of defeats the purpose, right?


Rock N Gold Creations (RGC) recommends Jewelers Mutual Insurance (JMI) for fine jewelry insurance and has worked with JMI for 20 years. However, RGC always recommends that it’s best to check with several insurance companies to see what best suits your personal needs. Simon M. of Rock N Gold Creations had been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). He is trained with 30 years experience and conducts quality jewelry appraisals for all your needs. For inquires, call 858-571-4560 or email:  

It’s important to have your jewelry checked regularly by a professional jeweler to make sure stones are tight, also to make sure your prongs are not getting worn down. This illustration shows a worn prong tip. When a tip is worn it can break easily and a stone can fall out or become loose. We recommend that you have your jewelry cleaned and inspected every 6 months, especially if you wear the jewelry daily like a wedding ring. When is the last time you had your jewelry checked? Let us know if you have jewelry questions. 858-571-4560 or email:  

2018 Engagement Rings Trends: Diverse, Unconventional and Re-Surging Designs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

Pink Morganite, Platinum, Pink Gold and Diamond Ring Designed by Master Design Artisan, Simon Mattar of Rock N Gold Creations

East-west settings, pink stones on pink gold, pear shape cut, oval cut and marquis cut diamonds and off-colored gemstones are some of the trends that have gained momentum in 2018. Rock N Gold Creations has been a local San Diego jewelry designer for 30 years and owner, Simon M. has been fascinated by the changes of trends over the decades and some of the trends from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are appearing again in 2018.

Stir Up The Romance With These Charming Valentine Date Ideas

With winds gusting and the cooler temperature, it’s tempting to loaf around indoors. However, I urge you not to let frigid temps and dreary weather deter you from creating romantic experiences with your partner. While we’ve all experienced the cold weather blues, all it takes is a little inspiration to spark your chemistry again.

Before you reduce your date nights to take-out and Netflix, try these ideas. Taken straight out of my own relationship playbook, these “cold weather” friendly date ideas will help you heat up your love life during the winter months.

Go on a Cozy Winter Getaway

Thought the only fun get-a-ways were beach get-a-ways? Think again. Winter get-a-ways can be just as whimsical and adventurous. Schedule a private weekend trip for just the two of you and go! Need some ideas? If you’re looking for action, try skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, or snowboarding. If you’re looking for a more cozier feel, rent a log cabin.

working-laser-welder-rock-n-gold-creations-300x216Laser Welding for Jewelry

There are many different reasons why laser welding jewelry is superior to soldering. To better understand the differences, we must first look closely at the two processes.

Soldering, or more appropriately brazing, is a capillary fill system where solder is heated with a gas-oxygen torch or open flame. The solder then flows across and bridges the noble metals together. Solder is an alloy that is designed to melt at a lower temperature than the noble metal one is soldering. Therefore, it is a different alloy than the noble metal. The heat used for this process is very high, and thus often results in a visible seam, discoloration or fire scale in the solder area.

Rock N Gold Creations buys gold jewelry and coins.Better Business Bureau tips for Selling Gold Jewelry & Coins

The BBB offers tips for consumers to understand the value of your Jewelry & Coins:

Keep up with the price of gold. Know how much gold is going for on the day you sell. Understand that you won’t get the full price for your gold, because you’re selling to a dealer who then will re-sell the items to be melted down.

Know the karat weight of your gold items. Jewelry and other items aren’t pure gold, but a mix of gold and other metals. The karat weight tells how much gold is in the item. Something marked 10K is about 42% gold; 14K is about 58% gold; and 18K is about 75% gold. The more gold in the item, the more you will be offered for it.  For items that may be especially valuable, consider getting a professional appraisal. You will have to pay for the appraisal, but you will gain important information. Rock N Gold Creations offers complimentary verbal estimates of the value of your items.

Jewelry Appraisals by Simon Mattar
GIA Graduate 25+ Years of Experience

Simon Mattar, Founder of Rock N Gold Creations is a GIA Graduate with over 25 years experience in fine jewelry appraisals. Simon’s expertise is vast ranging from vintage estate collections to high value investment diamonds.

One of the most rewarding experiences of appraising fine jewelry comes from the stories gems and jewelry reveal. There were incredible pieces from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Simon M., Rock N Gold Appraiser enjoys the discovery, the history, the stories behind the jewelry and the people; it is fascinating to see the progression of jewelry design over the years.

Some commonly needed appraisals include:

  1. Insurance Coverage:The most familiar type of appraisal, the insurance appraisal estimates the cost to replace your jewelry either with equivalent new jewelry or with equally desirable substitute jewelry of the same type, quality, age and condition.
  2. Resale Appraisals: Many people are taking advantage of high metal and gem prices by selling jewelry that is broken or damaged, or that they no longer use.
  3. Estate Planning: If you are setting up a trust and want to include jewelry, then you may need an appraisal.
  4. Charitable Contribution: If you are donating jewelry to a charitable organization.