Rock N Gold Creations buys gold jewelry and coins.Better Business Bureau tips for Selling Gold Jewelry & Coins

The BBB offers tips for consumers to understand the value of your Jewelry & Coins:

Keep up with the price of gold. Know how much gold is going for on the day you sell. Understand that you won’t get the full price for your gold, because you’re selling to a dealer who then will re-sell the items to be melted down.

Know the karat weight of your gold items. Jewelry and other items aren’t pure gold, but a mix of gold and other metals. The karat weight tells how much gold is in the item. Something marked 10K is about 42% gold; 14K is about 58% gold; and 18K is about 75% gold. The more gold in the item, the more you will be offered for it.  For items that may be especially valuable, consider getting a professional appraisal. You will have to pay for the appraisal, but you will gain important information. Rock N Gold Creations offers complimentary verbal estimates of the value of your items.

Some gold items might be worth more when sold as they are, rather than to be melted down. If that gold necklace or bracelet comes from a notable designer or maker, it might have a value to some buyers beyond the gold it’s made of.  Rock N Gold Creations has an A+ rating.


Rock N Gold Creations also buys silverware, trays, dishes & other silver items.

Rock N Gold Creations offers over 25 years experience in jewelry & coin buying, selling & custom re-design. Click on the link to view a video of owner, Simon Mattar of Rock N Gold Creations being interviewed on the NEWS about selling precious metals.

Visit our San Diego Gold Selling page for more information.

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